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4 Person Hot Tubs

Sure 3 Plug and Play 4 Person Hot Tub

The Sure 3 Plug and Play is the perfect entertainment hot tub for small families. The underwater LED lighting and 2 LED lit fountains provide an exciting atmosphere, perfect for entertaining. The tub also features a Bluetooth sound system with pop up speakers. The sound system is compatible with all apple and android devices, allowing you to choose the perfect soundtrack for your hot tub parties, or set up a relaxing playlist to unwind to. The Sure 3 also features 34 water and air powered jets to provide a vigorous and soothing massage, to ease tension and sooth sore muscles. The spa also includes two cool off areas, so that you can still enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the hot tub once you’ve had enough of the massage jets.

The sure 3 Plug and Play offers an incredibly easy set up. Plug and Play is as easy as it sounds, simply fill your hot tub using a standard garden hose and plug into a mains socket to enjoy! There’s no need to attach your hot tub to any water pipes. The Sure 3 plug and play features a PVC skirting, for easy maintenance and longevity, however, real wood options are available if you would prefer. The insulation foam under the tubs shell keeps the water at optimum temperature, and helps to keep electricity bills at a minimum. The foam also provides sound insulation, to prevent the noise generated from the pumps from interfering with your hot tub parties!
4 person hot tub (san marino plug and play) birds eye and side view
This is the perfect relaxation hot tub for small families, or couples who like to entertain. The San Marino features a lounger, allowing you to fully recline as you enjoy the hydrotherapy jets. A total of 33 water and air massage jets help to relieve tension, muscle soreness and stress in the muscles on the back, shoulders, legs and feet. The atmospheric lighting system in combination with the massage jets can also help to relieve mental stress and tension, and even play a part in helping you to get amore restful nights sleep. The san marino hot tub also has the option to add a waterfall, for the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.

The San Marino hot tub is a plug and play hot tub. It’s as easy as it sounds to set up the tub: simply fill up, plug into a mains socket, and enjoy. The PVC skirting on the hot tub is available in a range of colours, as is the acrylic interior. The San Marinos skirting is also available in wood if you desire.
plug and play 4 person hot tub (san marino) birds eye and side view
The Georgia Plug and Play hot tub is a luxurious 4 person hot tub, at an affordable price. The tub will comfortably sit four adults, and is perfect for entertaining small parties, or relaxing with a partner. The hot tub features a wireless, Bluetooth sound system, compatible with android and apple devices. The tub also includes a state of the art control system, allowing you to easily control your tubs settings. The Georgia hot tub includes a total of 28 jets, with each chair providing massage on different parts of the back. The colour changing underwater lights help to create a tranquil atmosphere, that’s particularly impressive at night.

As one of our plug and play hot tubs, the Georgia tub is as easy as ever to set up and enjoy. The tub also includes an insulated cover to keep your tub clean and hot, as well as a small step to make getting in and out of the tub easy.
4 person hot tub (georgia plug and play) birds eye and side view
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